Connecticut Historical Society

French and Indian War Collection, 1743 - 1763
Although this collection consists primarily of materials created during the French and Indian War, there are in nearly every series some materials from the preceding King George's War. There are enlistments and impressments, muster rolls and account rolls of those serving in the war. Of interest are several contracts signed by men who served on the Louisbourg expedition in Cape Breton as well as in later campaigns, authorizing the transfer of their wages to another individual (often Jonathan Trumbull) to pay for provisions and to serve the recipients' speculative interests. There are also several receipts for wages paid by Trumbull. Numerous accounts and receipts provide information about how much money was spent on specific food items and alcohol, guns, blankets, and the shoeing horses. There are details of military orders; correspondence concerning intelligence (including concern over reports that the French were making snow shoes) and orders as well as letters to family. Finally, there are journals kept by men involved in the French and Indian War, an orderly book from Ticonderoga, and a note book with color sketches and examples of various styles of penmanship., French and Indian War Papers, 1743-1763, Connecticut Historical Society