Entrance to Wilcox's Pier and Restaurant, Savin Rock Park, West Haven

A frame building with a porch, round corner towers with domes, and American flags flying from the roof is at the right. Signs read: "Pier Restaur[ant]" "Wilcox's" and "Shore Dinners 50 cts." Beaux-arts building with elaborate decorative pediments and cornices with bas-reliefs, probably in plaster or stucco is to its left. The dirt street at the left is lined with utility poles, sidewalks, trees, a wooden railing and a picket fence. A fire hydrant is in the left foreground. Men and women walk on the sidewalks. One woman has a baby carriage. One woman uses an umbrella as a parasol. An automobile and horse-drawn vehicles are in the street. A wagon holds a large wooden barrel with "No. 3" on it, possibly for sprinkling water on the street to minimize dust. Inscribed on back: "Savin Rock, / West Haven, Ct. / T.S. Bronson Photo / ca. 1900-1910."
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