Isaac Plant Jocelyn

Portrait of Isaac Plant Jocelyn (1833-1839), by his father Nathaniel Jocelyn (1796-1881). Isaac Plant Jocelyn was born New Haven, April 8, 1833, the son of artist Nathaniel and Sarah Atwater (Plant) Jocelyn, and brother of Margaret Jocelyn. Isaac died in New Haven on February 12, 1839, at age 6. Isaac was painted posthumously by his father, from sketches made by George H. Durrie and plaster casts made by Hezekiah Augur (see diary of Francis and Elizabeth Jocelyn, at MS Jocelyn). Nathaniel Jocelyn rarely worked in such small scale, but when he did it was always on wood. Jocelyn was born in New Haven to a family of clockmakers and engravers; after working a few years as an engraver, Nathaniel turned to portrait painting. Later in his life he would return to engraving, working with the American Bank Note Company in New York. Isaac was the grandson of Mrs. Simeon (Luceannah Smith) Jocelyn (1957.13.0). See 1963.35.0 for miniature of subject's sister, Margaret Plant Jocelyn (Mrs. Samuel Hayes).
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