Watson Watercolor Sketchbooks, 1875-1916 (PG 930)

Miniature watercolors and pencil drawings of places in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Vermont. 13 sketchbooks. Amelia Montague Watson (1856-1934) was born on March 2, 1856 at East Windsor Hill, Connecticut to Reed and Sarah (Bolles) Watson. She attended private schools and became a painter of New England, Canadian and Southern scenery. She exhibited at the NeW York Water Color Club, the American Water Color Society, and the Boston Art Club. She taught painting at the Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute for several years. She illustrated Thoreau's "Cape Cod" (1896) [see sketchbook no. 7], made the cover and frontispiece in colors for Margaret Warner Morley's "The Carolina Mountains” (1913) and John Muir's "A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf" (1916). She also provided a portrait frontispiece and picture of Chicera Wood for Elizabeth A. Pringle's "Chronicles of Chicera Wood" (1921). Watson remained single. She died in Orlando, Florida on January 20, 1934. Edith Watson donated the sketchbooks and five oversized watercolors. The paintings are executed on 5” x 8" pages. With the exception of the first sketchbook, the notes and captions are attributed to Watson. Sketches are of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and New England. A folder also contains letters from George Warner of Hartford to Watson regarding her work and a letter from Edith Watson to state Librarian James Brewster.
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