Anne Goldstein, Oral History Interview for the Sheff 25th Anniversary (2014)

Anne Goldstein, a West Hartford resident, was born in 1956 and is the wife of Sheff attorney Phil Tegeler. Her earliest memory of the Sheff case dates back to the 1980's when her husband discussed the possibility of such a case and began working on it at the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union. She describes the long hours of hard work and events held to bring the plaintiffs together. She remembers her feelings on Judge Hammer's 1995 trial ruling against the plaintiffs and the subsequent 1996 Connecticut Supreme Court decision in their favor. Anne, an attorney, previously had clerked for Justice Ellen Peters, who authored the decision. Anne and Phil's daughter attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts half-day magnet program while attending Hall High School. Their daughter described attending the magnet school as a transformative experience. Anne stresses the importance of plaintiffs in advocating for change.
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