Mayra Esquilin, Oral History Interview for the Sheff 25th Anniversary (2014)

Mayra Esquilin, a Hartford native born in 1971, recalls her earliest memories of Sheff. She attended Quirk Middle and then gained a scholarship to Watkinson, a private school, where she graduated in 1989. After the 1996 Sheff ruling, she worked at The Center for School Change and was responsible for presenting "The Unexamined Remedy," a metropolitan desegregation plan, to community members. She explains how her parent advocacy paved the way to her involvement as added plaintiff to the Sheff case, because she did not want her children to be subjected to the educational inequities she faced. She discusses her testimony to help expand magnet schools and the choice program, and also touches upon the importance of affordable housing in diverse areas. She emphasizes the urgency of action to create quality educational options for Hartford area families.
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